Looks like I’ve been too wrapped up in writing projects to write to our friends and supporters and let them know what’s up – but we sure do need your prayers. The news in brief:

Daniel just has another day or two of school, and then we’re on summer schedule. He’lll still have swim practice twice a day, though, so no sleeping in I guess! In the summer, he goes back and forth between our house and his mother’s every week rather than every two weeks. May the transition be smooth.

Haley is finishing up her freshman year at our local university, and anticipates starting at a Christian school in California in August… but counting on some adjustments in financial aid to make this possible. Is it going to work? We don’t know! It’s hard to see her with her heart set on something that may not be attainable. (God, your will be done).

Chris just got some good news from the seminary he attends. Someone in the registrar’s office found a way to shave 15 credits off his list of requirements! That may save us $7000 and means he’ll be done in three more terms, not four. So, more than ever, he’s thinking about future plans. (Marti’s a little stressed about that, so pray for peace, patience, and unity around these questions!)

Marti is looking forward to her first international trip since 2011 – this time to Germany. She’llĀ  train and participate with a group doing some ethnographic survey work among immigrants. She’s also consulting with several people on similar projects and preparing for a class in South Carolina in July (on the heels of our first-ever family vacation. That’s right, we’re all heading to North Carolina. Daniel was born there. Lots of memories). Makes for a busy summer, though.

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