September Update

What, it’s the middle of September already? Temps are supposed to reach 90 degrees in Eugene today but fall has been creeping over us bit by bit in other ways. I (Marti) started schoolwork almost a month ago, and then Chris and Haley did, and now Daniel finds himself suddenly in over his eyeballs with a senior project, crunch time on getting everything lined up to “Eagle” in Boy Scouts before he turns 18, plus pep band, work as a life guard, and playing water polo. Chris has responded to a dozen 9-1-1 calls in the last week, and I’m rather taken up with a family emergency back up in WA; heading up there in the morning to see how I can help. Maybe things are just as busy at your house, too! Can you make time to read about us? Maybe not!

I asked Chris to write the main article for this month’s newsletter. Check it out.