Jumping into January

I did get out a January newsletter! It was a little rushed. January came in with a rush, after all. But you can take a look. Or see the somewhat more graceful version with more pictures which we sent out over email.

I have been toying with the idea of sending simpler but more frequent updates. I’m not at all sure that people want to hear from me every week or two. Yet for those who do, it would no doubt be encouraging to hear things like this: that the outcomes of the situations I asked for prayer for suggest that some of you really prayed, and that God honored your prayers.

  • The Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills workshop was fantastic. And not as painful and tear-inducing as I feared… just very practical, and simultaneously, very foundational. I’m glad I went.
  • The emails I sent out about my thesis were received remarkably well. In fact, most of the ones I sent that Sunday night (!) got Monday responses… from busy mission executives. God’s grace for sure!

Thanks for praying, people. I really appreciate it.