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Looking for some light summer reading? (ha!) CIU’s School of Intercultural Studies Published this on on their website:

Cultural Training for 21st Century Mission

What does it take to equip Christian cross-cultural workers—missionaries—to go out into other cultures ready to learn, build meaningful relationships, and be effective in ministries central to the evangelical understanding of mission, such as evangelism, discipleship, and the planting and development of viable, contextualized churches? With today’s pressures and priorities, what are the minimum standards or best practices? The significance of these questions may be clear to the aspiring missionaries, their supporters, and the organizations that send them, as their purpose and ministry are on the line. Answering these questions, however, is more difficult due to factors such as a diversifying mission force, the rising cost of training, and the demand for shorter mission commitments.

How, through pre-field or on-the-job training, can Western Christian missionaries be equipped as skilled cultural learners? More specifically, how might missionary trainers equip today’s and tomorrow’s missionaries to conduct cultural studies that can help them intentionally learn as much as they can for their own sake and the sake of others?

CIU graduate student Marti Wade explores these questions through her recently completed MA thesis (Intercultural Studies). Through synthesizing the recent literature as well as analyzing interviews from cultural trainers from 10 different mission organizations, she helps us move forward on this critical question.

Read Marti’s complete MA thesis HERE.