Fresh off the press: September newsletter


Yes, summer has come to a close. We memorialized it by watching the Columbia Fireflies minor league baseball team play (and lose) one of the last games of their inaugural season. On to autumn!

Reader Feedback

“[Missions Catalyst] has done more than any of the other stuff that comes to my inbox in helping me and my family find our purpose in God’s never ending story of salvation,” wrote one of Marti’s readers, Debbie: “You have SO changed the focus of our family’s ministry from local to global!”

Read how that’s playing out Debbie’s life, intercede for Marti’s writing projects and speaking engagements, get the latest on Chris’s journey in chaplaincy, and find out why there’s never been a better time to ask for a copy of Through Her Eyes (at least if you’re interested in the lives of missionary women). All that, plus some reading recommendations, can be found in our September Newsletter (see either no-frills edition for printout or fancier version to read on-screen).

I did include a subtle “ask” in this one… yeah, the Pioneers account has gone into the red, and soon my boss is going to ask me to take a salary cut. Am praying that the Holy Spirit will inspire someone to make a gift that could prevent that!