About Us

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About Chris

Chris was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, and also lived in Roseburg before settling down for a decade North Carolina. After a brief season in Hawaii, Chris returned to Eugene.

Chris is the father of two young adults, Haley and Daniel. Haley finished a Bachelor’s from Biola University in 2016 and is continuing there for graduate school, while Daniel graduated from high school in June 2015 and is studying at Lane Community College in Eugene.

Chris has a missions degree from Northwest Christian College and worked for ten years as a mission mobilizer and computer guy with SIM International. He’s also been a firefighter, police officer, and emergency medical technician (EMT).

In recent years Chris did non-emergency medical transport by day, while volunteering as an EMT and chaplain with the Santa Clara Fire District by night and taking a full load of M.Div. classes at Multnomah University in Portland. Chris graduated from Multnomah in May 2015 and now works as a hospital chaplain as well as serving as South Carolina State Fire Chaplain.

Chris’s world is blood and guts and tears and hugs. He may love driving big red trucks at breakneck speeds, but what it’s really about for Chris is ministering to human need.

About Marti

Marti grew up in the Seattle area, moving to Colorado after college and returning to the Northwest in 2011 in order to marry Chris in May of 2012.

Marti has a journalism degree from the University of Oregon. Since the mid-90s she has served as a researcher and writer in ministries that equip Christians to serve the nations, first with Caleb Project and then with Pioneers. She has taught and written extensively about cultures, missions, and the lives of missionary women, and trained and sent mission teams to learn and live among the world’s least reached peoples. Now part of Pioneers’ Communications Team, Marti is able to carry out her work as a writer/editor, teacher, and project manager from home or wherever life may take her.

Marti’s world is words and ideas and stories and strategies. While Marti loves to play with sentences and subheads, what it’s all about for Marti is helping people connect with one another and being heard.

Our Future Together

We want to follow God and trust him to take us where He wants us to go. In the summer of 2015 we took some more adventurous steps, including moving to Columbia, South Carolina, where Chris now works severs as a chaplain both in a hospital and with the state fire academy. Marti continues writing and managing projects from home and in 2016 completed her Master’s at Columbia International University.

Further down the road, will we continue to serve separately, or minister more closely together? Maybe go overseas? Time will tell. Pray for us!


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