April Update from Chris & Marti

Newsletter time again!

Read about what Marti’s working on, Chris’s life as a chaplain, a new resource to help kiddos learn about the world, and ways you can be praying with us. Huge thanks!

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The Next Generation

…I drove to Charlotte to teach a couple of Perspectives classes Monday and Tuesday nights. Was still there this morning when the news came in of Billy Graham’s death. The city is buzzing with discussions of the legacy of their native son. What a life he lived.

Making it back home to Columbia, I slipped into the college chapel where a visiting professor from France, himself a great evangelist to secular people, was speaking of Billy Graham’s legacy. “I have to ask, who will be the next generation of evangelists?” he told the gathered students. Then he answered his own question: “I think I may be looking at some of them right now.”

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August 2017 Update from the Wades

Smoke detector outreach

In July, Chris and others from SC State Fire joined the Red Cross and a local fire department in the upstate for a neighborhood fire-alarm blitz in a community that recently suffered a fire fatality. They installed about a hundred alarms in 2.5 hours. (You do have a working smoke detector, don’t you?)

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