A Ministry to the Marginalized

In the latest issue of our newsletter, I share a story I was asked to write for Pioneers. I started with a video of one of our cross-cultural workers in India telling the story for a group of major donors in Atlanta. This guy is doing wonderful work serving the people in his region. He runs a faith-based ministry inspired in part by love for his own little girl, who has a disability (like many of those their ministry serves).

But there are problems with telling this story… we can’t use this guy’s name and face. We have no pictures of the pastor and family whose story he tells. I was asked to keep the focus of my piece a specific little girl crippled by polio, but we don’t have any pictures of her. We may be able to get some stock images, but are determined not to use any that are exploitive, pathetic, or demeaning. Hmm. Glad I was only asked to put it into words, not images! Someone else will be working on that.

Anyway, check out the newletter to read the story, catch up on my work on Pioneers’ marketing efforts, and hear about some good stuff happening in Chris’s ministry as a chaplain.



Haley’s Wedding and Other Summer News

Hey all, our girl got married!

I didn’t go into details in our July newsletter, but the ceremony was lovely. With several generations of divorce and remarriage on the bride’s side of the family and several other potential tensions, I knew Josh and Haley would be dealing with at least as many sticky issues as Chris & I did when we got married.

Then there’s the question, these days, about how to plan a ceremony and reception that blend two people’s preferences with generations of sometimes conflicting traditions and modern trends… with all those friends’ weddings that kids this age, especially Christian college kids, attend, and, for Haley, a lifetime of influence from things like Pinterest. A lot of choices to make.

I was quite impressed with the unifying and pleasing plan they came up with (which of course continued to evolve in final days and hours!). One nice touch was a procession of the family and wedding party that brought us into a well-blended circle surrounding the couple as they washed one another’s feet and told each other what they love about one another, made their vows, etc, ending with a group prayer.

As for the various family fracture points? I won’t say they didn’t make themselves evident, but all in all things went quite well. Whew!

Josh, a very likeable classmate of Haley’s from Biola, is working as a cashier at a high-end grocery store and has one or two other hussles he’s pursuing while he tries to break into newspaper journalism. He’s talented, persistent, and knows what he wants, but is willing to work at whatever he needs to in the meantime.

Haley finished her Master’s and is working at the school library, ready to start work on her doctorate soon… continuing with the same school where she began. They’ll also be living in the same area they’ve been in for a while and found a good apartment. With the same town, friends, church, and school, disruption is minimal. Which is nice. It sounds like things are off to a good start. We’re praying for a solid and long-lasting marriage.


May Update from Chris & Marti

Our latest newsletter looks at the ins and outs of a project Marti’s doing to learn (and help others learn) about some people groups where Pioneers would like to expand, other content marketing projects, and Chris’s upcoming training events for chaplains.

Plus there’s this little family update that’s worth at least a thousand words…

haley MAYes, Our girl has been busy: BA in 2016, MA in 2018, and now continuing on for a PsyD.

The Next Generation

…I drove to Charlotte to teach a couple of Perspectives classes Monday and Tuesday nights. Was still there this morning when the news came in of Billy Graham’s death. The city is buzzing with discussions of the legacy of their native son. What a life he lived.

Making it back home to Columbia, I slipped into the college chapel where a visiting professor from France, himself a great evangelist to secular people, was speaking of Billy Graham’s legacy. “I have to ask, who will be the next generation of evangelists?” he told the gathered students. Then he answered his own question: “I think I may be looking at some of them right now.”

Read more in our 2018 February Newsletter.