Marti’s Ministry

Update: Day-to-day life is not going to change very much, but the sort of projects on Marti’s plate will shift as she accepts a new position within Pioneers effective July 1, 2017…  working directly with the Pioneers-USA Communications Team.

Marti is a missiologist and mission mobilizer. She has been serving in a support role for strategic international projects for more than 20 years now, the last ten with a great church-planting ministry called Pioneers.

Marti is part of the Church Partnership Team. Her role is to develop tools to help Pioneers’ church partnership facilitators serve and strengthen relationships with some 3700 missionary-sending and supporting churches.

Marti also edits Missions Catalyst. Missions Catalyst is a free, weekly electronic digest of mission news and resources designed to inspire and equip Christians worldwide for global ministry. More than 6000 subscribe.

Marti collaborates and consults with people seeking to improve their effectiveness in mission and mobilization efforts. She also teaches Perspectives classes and equips Christians for cultural learning projects in their own communities or internationally.

In Mid-2012, Marti began working part-time as a writer for another ministry. M-DAT develops and operates practical websites that every year help thousands take their next step in missions, including and M-DAT is excited to have Marti’s help creating newsletters and fresh content to serve the high percentage of website visitors exploring long-term missionary service.

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