Partnering with the Wades

… by prayer

  • Thank God for bringing us together and providing for us as we learn to love and support one another.
  • Ask God to give us strength and wisdom for the service to which He has called us.
  • Pray for our lives to be characterized by growing trust, faith, and fruitfulness.

… by giving

We depend in part on financial partners to help support us and our ministry by giving through Pioneers.

If you want to be part of this team, contact us or Pioneers to ask about current needs.

Pioneers USA
10123 William Carey Drive
Orlando, FL 32832

If you give by mail, please note that your donation is for Account #101362 (Wade), or download and use this response slip. Thanks! Prefer to give online? Click here or on the button below:


Financial Accountability

Pioneers is a non-profit organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the state of Florida. All contributions are tax-deductible. Pioneers conforms to the accounting standards of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

The majority of Pioneers members depend on the Lord for the provision of the funds that support their ministries. Churches and individuals partner with each worker to provide their necessary prayer support, salary, and work expenses.

Each missionary receives a set salary that is determined by their individual ministry and personal needs and the standards of living in their region. Donations given to support missionaries are held in accounts under their names and remain available to them for ministry expenses.


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